Dylan Konakowitz had a smile that could light up a room. He loved genuinely and was loved by all who knew him. To those lucky enough to have had time with him, it is well known that he loved to help others. Whether he was saying “I got you” or “money ain’t an issue”, you believed him and he likely never let you down.


At the age of 6, Dylan was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. At the time, we knew nothing about this chronic auto-immune disease. As a sensitive young boy, he was worried that he would be different; and, he was right. Dylan was different in the sense that he was undeniably happy and outgoing despite having many obstacles in his young life.


As Dylan grew older, his personality only grew bigger. He had a great sense of humor and laughed at no one more than himself. He was an avid fan of all sports and was a capable athlete. Whether he was playing baseball or basketball, he gave it his all and he never, ever held back. It was not always easy for him to persevere, but he did, if for no other reason than he did not want to let others down. He enjoyed being a team player in sports as well as in all areas of his life.   


Because Dylan was so active in the community, be it sports, attending special events, volunteering or working at Filomena’s Restaurant in Waterford, everyone knew the boy with the million-dollar smile. During his early school years at Great Neck School, then at St. Joseph’s School in New London and attending and graduating from Waterford High School, he made many friends that he kept for years to come. There was also no shortage of new friends. Following his lifelong dream of becoming a teacher, Dylan attended Three Rivers Community College where he tested the college waters, before deciding to attend Eastern Connecticut State University for the fall 2017 term.


On September 20, 2017 while at school, Dylan passed away from diabetic keto-acidosis in his sleep due to his insulin pump equipment failure. Right up to the very end, Dylan gave it his all. He was so ready for his bright future and was working hard to achieve his goals and follow his dream of molding young minds.


It is because of Dylan’s love for life and his belief in living life to its fullest while helping others along the way, that the Dylan Konakowitz Memorial Foundation’s purpose is to carry on his legacy of making lives better and healthier. The Dylan Konakowitz Memorial Foundation is committed to providing scholarships to local high school seniors continuing their education.  Additionally, we are dedicated to raising awareness of the seriousness of T1D as well as offering support to individuals inflicted with this chronic auto-immune disease and their caretakers.